Absolute Auto Glass offers a Lifetime Warranty on labor on all repairs and replacements


Repairs are an attempt to fix a broken windshield.  In the very rare case that the chip breaks further during the repair process (in our experience, about 3 cases in over 6,000 repairs), we are not responsible for replacing the windshield, but we won't charge you for the repair.

All windshield repairs are guaranteed not to spread for as long as you own the vehicle.  If the repair fails and can't be repaired again, you'll be refunded the full cost of the repair, or have the cost of the repair discounted off the cost of a windshield replacement.


Unfortunately, we can’t control rocks from hitting your new windshield, but we do try to buy premium glass whenever possible (Pilkington, PGW/PPG, Guardian, Carlite, Sekurit), which is less likely to break as easily.  If you get a rock chip (or crack up to 6 inches long) and you bring your car IN-SHOP with your receipt within a year after we replace your windshield, we can repair it in-shop for free as a courtesy.  If the damage has spread to a crack longer than 6 inches, we cannot repair this; cracks longer than 6 inches are not covered under warranty.

All replacements are guaranteed for defects in parts and labor for as long as you own the vehicle.  Just keep your receipt, give us a call, and we will come out to fix the problem, free of charge!

If it turns out to be a rock chip, we'll still have to charge you for the trip, so make sure to look and see if there is any divet or indentation along the crack, so you can save some money by bringing it in-shop to us.


Windshield Protection (hereafter fondly referred to as WP) is available for purchase up until time of service.  WP is only available with a full price purchase of a new windshield provided and installed by Absolute Auto Glass.  If WP is purchased, we will replace the windshield ONCE at no charge for UP TO ONE YEAR.  WP covers purchases up to $400.  Any value over $400 must be covered by you, the vehicle owner.

To redeem, all vehicles must be brought in-shop for service.  WP is not available with any insurance claims, and cannot be applied to any deductible.  WP is non-renewable and non-transferrable, and is not available for commercial vehicles.  If your windshield is replaced for warranty reasons, this will not be counted as a WP redemption.

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