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If you have a chip in your windshield, or crack up to 6 inches long, a repair is the most cost-efficient method to fix it.  It is highly recommended to have a chip repaired before it spreads into a longer crack, which would require a more costly windshield replacement.  For this reason, most insurance companies will waive your deductible to have a chip repaired, so it may be cost-free to you.

A repair typically takes 20 minutes, and you can drive the car immediately afterwards.




"What's the difference between standard wiper blades and WINTER BLADES?" you may ask.  Winter blades have no gaps, so they won't freeze up, and will still conform to your windshield to wipe properly in freezing temperatures.   Our trusty shop manager Tom says, "They're really great."  The Cadillac of wiper blades.

Windshield replacement is the solution for cracks longer than 6 inches.  The process typically takes 1 hour, and the new windshield will need to set for another hour before the car is driven.
To keep your new windshield unblemished for as long as possible, leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, especially when driving in the mountains.

​If you do happen to pick up a rock chip (or crack less than 6 inches long) within a year of the new replacement, you can bring your car to us in-shop with your receipt, and we can repair the chip for free as a courtesy.*



  • Courtesy chip repairs cannot be done for rock chip cracks longer than 6 inches.  There is no warranty for rock chip cracks longer than 6 inches.


  • Do NOT wash your windshield before getting the chip repaired!  The sudden temperature change can cause the chip to break into a crack instantaneously.  We have received numerous customer reports of this happening.

  • In winter, turn your defroster on as soon as you start the car, to let the windshield warm up WITH the engine.  Otherwise, a hot defroster can also cause a chip to break into a crack instantaneously.
  • To keep dirt and moisture out of the chip, you can put a piece of clear adhesive tape or clear packing tape (not duct tape) on the chip until you can get it repaired.

This is a rather time-intensive process involving multiple levels of sanding and polishing, so we will need you to drop off your vehicle at our shop for headlight restoration service.  Rest assured, though, when you pick up your vehicle, your driving visibility will be at a whole new level.