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Glass Monster, LLC

Why is pricing so different among different auto glass companies?

We have no idea why Company so-and-so is charging what they're charging, but here are some general facts:

Each auto glass service provider has different costs and overhead.  Some have only mobile service, 1 van, and may not be insured against incidental damages to your vehicle.  Other companies have several shops and several employees.  Each company also has a different policy for when problems happen.  Some companies do not warranty their work, whereas others will make an extra trip or two to make sure everything is done right.  Different companies also have different profit margins they are willing to accept.  Finally, each company also receives different pricing from their glass vendors, which can greatly affect their price to you, the end-customer.

Why are different cars quoted different prices?

We ourselves have to pay our glass vendors a lot more for, say, a Mercedes windshield than for a Ford windshield, and that cost gets passed on to you, the end-customer.  It’s an unfortunate yet logical fact:  expensive cars require expensive parts.  In addition, taking apart a Mercedes requires more time than a Ford, which translates into a higher labor cost.

On the other hand, some less expensive cars can also have higher-priced windshields; for example, if they are a complex shape, such as a wrap-around windshield.  Our quotes are based off of the price we have to pay to obtain the glass, and therefore, could possibly change from one week to the next.

Do you have more than one location?

No, as of September 2, 2023, we only have a Lakewood location.  Any other location or phone number claiming to be Absolute Auto Glass is NOT us.  If the van and the technician’s uniform doesn’t have our logo, it’s some other company with a different reputation.