Did you know?

7) Repairing a rock chip is the "Green" alternative. If a chip spreads into a long crack, it cannot be repaired, and the windshield must be replaced. Windshields are NOT recyclable.  All discarded windshields go into a landfill.

GPS Users Beware:  When removing your GPS from your windshield, make sure to wipe off any suction-cup marks that may attract thieves.  Customers have had their door glass broken and their hidden GPS devices stolen because of these telltale marks.

Not all auto glass installers are the same!  If you have ever seen rust around the edge of a windshield, this is because a previous installer did not use primer paint on the vehicle after cutting out the old windshield.  This is unfortunately a common corner-cutting, time-saving measure.  Resulting corrosion may not be evident until years later.  Just because an installation looks good upon completion does not mean it is a proper installation.  A good installer will prime EVERY vehicle, whether it seems necessary or not.

Rusting is a result of a rushed, careless installation. Choose your installer wisely!

1) In the state of Colorado, it is a traffic violation to drive with a crack in the line-of-sight on your windshield.

Most insurance companies will waive your deductible to repair a rock chip, since it is much less expensive to repair a chip before it spreads into a crack.

You can use any auto glass company you want, as long as they are pre-approved to do insurance claims.  They will process the claim for you.  Insurance companies cannot legally require you to use any company in particular.

4) The frequently used industry term
"OEM Quality" does NOT guarantee that a windshield is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  Beware of this misleading sales pitch.

5) Even the term "OEM" only means that the Original Equipment Manufacturer made the part; however, an OEM part is manufactured to a lower standard than the Original Equipment that was installed in the new vehicle, termed "OE."  We can install OE at your request, but OE parts are much more expensive, as they must be purchased from the dealer.

6) Not only are cracks in your windshield unsightly and a driving nuisance, they compromise the safety of your vehicle in an accident.

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