We know there’s a lot of competition out there for your business.  How can you distinguish between different companies outside of what price they are charging?

There are companies that charge ridiculously cheap prices, and make their money on volume.  The easiest way to increase volume and do jobs faster is to cut corners – for example, not removing all vehicle parts necessary, which can result in improper windshield adhesion, increasing the likelihood of wind noise.  An even worse corner-cutting tactic is not priming the vehicle where the old windshield was cut out.  Skipping this seemingly minute detail can cause irreversible corrosion on the body of your vehicle, which might not be noticeable until months or years later.

In addition, for the ridiculously cheap, high-volume company, if there is a problem with their workmanship, they didn’t charge you much to begin with, so they may be less likely to come back out to fix what they did wrong.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t overschedule our technicians.  We charge a price we consider fair to our customers as well as to us and our employees.  All of our work is done by Absolute Auto Glass; we do not subcontract our work to ANYONE.  We are fully insured, follow all federal and state regulations, pay our taxes, and employ only US citizens and legal workers.

We’ve seen ads that Company so-and-so will match anyone else’s price.

First of all, why would you want to do business with a company that tries to overcharge you, and then backpedals only when they find out that you were smart enough to shop around?

Secondly, remember that price is NOT the most important factor in caring for your car!  Workmanship, customer service level, warranty, and quality of glass are vastly different among auto glass companies.  Make sure to hunt for customer reviews online, or through word-of-mouth.  There are a surprising number of horror stories out there.

Don’t be a victim.  Do your research – make sure your chosen auto glass provider is honest and stands behind their workmanship.

Glass Monster, LLC


Courtesy in-shop Chip Repair for 1 year after we replace your windshield

We unfortunately can't control rocks from hitting your new windshield, but we'll try to help you out! If you get a rock chip (or crack less than 6 inches long), just call us for an appointment, bring us your car and your original glass replacement receipt, and if it's within a year of replacement by us, we can take care of it in-shop in a jiffy, free of charge.*

* Please note: Courtesy chip repairs cannot be done for rock chip cracks longer than 6 inches.  There is no warranty for cracks longer than 6 inches.

​Absolute Auto Glass is an owner-operated, auto glass repair and replacement service provider committed to delivering high quality service at an affordable price.

​Give us a call for a free quote, and we'll take care of any insurance claim for you.  For mobile jobs, we'll call before we arrive within our stated arrival time frame (and we'll call you if we're going to be late), we'll take as much time as is necessary for your vehicle, and we'll even clean up after ourselves.  Imagine that.