For up to 3 repairs on the same windshield

Is that innocent little rock chip going to spread into a gargantuan crack?  Stop worrying - get it repaired!  Call us today, and show that chip who's boss.  We can also repair cracks up to 6 inches long (a crack 3-6 inches long is considered 3 repairs).

Most insurance providers will even waive your deductible, so a chip repair may be totally free of charge to you.

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We do Lane Departure Warning System recalibration!

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What's worse than wiping a brand new windshield with cruddy old wipers?  Might as well be able to see clearly on a rainy day, too.  If you schedule a repair, replacement, or headlight restoration with us, we can replace your wiper blades during that same visit for a piddly $30.  Or stop by our shop to pick some up - we'll even install them for you, free of charge.


For those really obnoxious cracks longer than 6 inches, and ones conveniently located in the driver's line of sight, a windshield replacement is needed.  If you're an unfortunate victim of vandalism, we also replace back glass, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass and sunroofs.  Just call us for a free quote. 

We are a preferred network shop for most insurance companies, and we'd be glad to help you set up your claim.



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Can't tell if your headlights are on at night?  It may be time for headlight restoration.  We can resurface your headlights to make them shine like new.  
Abracadabra....Let there be light!

*In-shop service only

$60 mobile

$30 in-shop